petak, 19. kolovoza 2011.

We can draw lessons from the past, but we cannot live in it

Goodby Zagreb!

Its almost time.....i am goinng on my vecation (last one before school)
I am so excited and happy cant describe it.A little bit moody cause I had a fight with
my brother....
Today i bought this product

ITs for reducing tommy-fat ..and it says that it will show results after 3 i will be writing about how it works and DOES IT WORK AT ALL

Now ...the pics from yesterdays shopping day :

Bag-Zara in love with the details

Ancle Boots-Zara 

I have bought a lot of books for the hot days on the beach ...i love to read so it will be a blast!
I will try to find internet connection there...but if not i will be posting things and pics when i get back!
Have a nice weeekenddd ...big kisses!