petak, 19. kolovoza 2011.

We can draw lessons from the past, but we cannot live in it

Goodby Zagreb!

Its almost time.....i am goinng on my vecation (last one before school)
I am so excited and happy cant describe it.A little bit moody cause I had a fight with
my brother....
Today i bought this product

ITs for reducing tommy-fat ..and it says that it will show results after 3 i will be writing about how it works and DOES IT WORK AT ALL

Now ...the pics from yesterdays shopping day :

Bag-Zara in love with the details

Ancle Boots-Zara 

I have bought a lot of books for the hot days on the beach ...i love to read so it will be a blast!
I will try to find internet connection there...but if not i will be posting things and pics when i get back!
Have a nice weeekenddd ...big kisses!


četvrtak, 18. kolovoza 2011.

Confession time*

When you just had enough....

Firstly I would like to say that this post now is written cause i was feeling just sad and awful...
The boy who i first fell in love with betrayed me and there for i dont trust guys so much.
I go on a few dates with them but then i get bored with them and just dont want to open
my heart to them....i dont wanna get hurt again! i believe that is the reason I am so depressed these days...
Well today I realised that there is a boy I fancy (like)...
But there is a problem ...
A).he has just broken up with his girlfriend and i think he still loves her...
B) he is my brothers BEST FRIEND !! so it is a bit wierd dont u think...
C) he is younger than me -.-""

well i dont know if i LIKE LIKE him....but he seems cool and funny and good looking :)
So ...we will see in time.and he is very smart and polite.think he has a good heart

Tonight I was outside talking with one of my childhood friend ...he has a girlfriend who he adores and charrishes most in the world! They are just a perfect fit.No lies ,no problems,no pretending ...
They are open and honest with each other and just enjoy spending time together...They have been together for almost a year now and still they are so much in love as the first day they started dating-even more!
Their relationship is pure and simple and filled with love.
-I am so happy for them ,but at the same time so jealeous! ..why cant i just catch a break?!
Meat a good guy who will love me the same as i do him?! ...
Sometimes i wonder ....if its going to happen at all.....It seems Hopeless for now....

Im going to bed now...need to pack tomorow!

So am I the only one with LOVE issues and problems ??!! 

Just came home from a long day in the city-shoppig!
Will post pictures of what i bought im going out with a friend

Pics from yesterday!

The Tunic oliv green-H&M ,Tights -ZARA,bag -Sisley brownish

Will be writing to you tonight....
Ahh On Saturday im going to PAG!!!! i cant wait to go swimming and just laying in the sun
=) biiig kisss

srijeda, 17. kolovoza 2011.

This morning went to the doctors for my eye-check up!!
My sight is better now! its -0,5 !
Found the perfect glasses-Valentino ...they are about 300$
Look :) I am very pleased with them :*
The colour is dark brown-chocolate i would say and a bit cat-eye! love them

Now going to my family friends for coffe :) mmm
Will be posting more tomorow im just not in the mood.

ponedjeljak, 15. kolovoza 2011.

Keeping up...

So i just love the show! Very fond of the girls...
How cute can those two be...they even dress alike.
That looks like real love to me! :)

Now going for a run...its quite refreshing to be out this early cause it was raining all night
so its not that hot anymore!
Will be writing a post later...kiss