srijeda, 17. kolovoza 2011.

This morning went to the doctors for my eye-check up!!
My sight is better now! its -0,5 !
Found the perfect glasses-Valentino ...they are about 300$
Look :) I am very pleased with them :*
The colour is dark brown-chocolate i would say and a bit cat-eye! love them

Now going to my family friends for coffe :) mmm
Will be posting more tomorow im just not in the mood.

3 komentara:

  1. Welcome to the blogging world. Thank you for your comment. I am doing excercises for my eyes to keep from wearing glasses. Xxxxx

  2. llove those glasses!! looks good on you!!

  3. Those frames look lovely! I need to go for a check up myself, should be fun choosing!
    I suspect my eyes are worse though!
    Florrie x